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    The Mystery of Field One



      The Mystery of Field One


      I'm a beginner  so if the question sounds funny, now you know why....


       Most ready made solutions on FMP 9 Adv use a field called One, that is a Calculation field and assigned a value of 1.


      Several tables are related by this mystery field  One.

      Using the Lending Library FileMaker Example here there is a relationship between the contact the assets and the history tables via this One field that allows SOME CALCULATIONS to be performed like finding the number of books checked by this contact.


      Is it possible for someone to give me some idea since I wasn't able understand what this field is (Boolean always on or what?), and HOW is it used?


      ANY idea will be appreciate.


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          Once upon a time, the only relationship you could set up in Filemaker was table :: field = table :: field. You couldn't use the other operators such as <, > or X. If you wanted a record in one Table Occurrence to match all the records in another TO, you used this type of field. Since all records have the same key value, all match.


          With current versions, we can use the cross product operator "x" to match all records in a table so this is less needed, but still used in many solutions as you have found.

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            Thank you Phil for the history lesson!

            Very interesting indeed.

            It seems to me, that it is a very simple way to have access to an unrelated table.