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The Mystery of the Over-Resposive Command ...

Question asked by MstrPBK on Jun 19, 2011
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The Mystery of the Over-Resposive Command ...


Not so long ago I posted a question about a button not working and the need for a exit point from a script.
That for most part was
solved ... with the one very small exception of a Get(ActiveModifierKeys) function.

Sure this command works GREAT with the SHIFT KEYl  But it works TOO well.  You ask how can anything in FMP work to well?  Let me explain.  One presses the Shift key and the script stops - that is to be expected; but if you press the shift key in another Non-Filemaker active window ... the script STILL stops - now that's not to be expected.

I have tried several things on my own over the last week or so and none work (or at least they do not seem to).  So I put to the group two related questions:

  1. Is there a prevent to this unfortunate side effect and what might it be?
  2. How does one script multipule multipul 'active modifier keys'?  Example: Shift + 1

Again i am working with FM Adv 10.

Peter Kelley
St. Paul, MN USA