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    the right filemaker



      the right filemaker



      I ask the experts of this forum what is the correct version  filemaker should I buy for my project?

      My project is to create an application that capture personal  information from a.

      That is, when  you insert a USB it run an application in which to store personal  information.

      In advance Regards.

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          That's really not enough of a description to know what you have in mind here.

          At the very least, you'll need a copy of FileMaker Pro.

          Very likely, you'll want FileMaker Pro Advanced as it can be used to create stand alone runtime solutions that you can load on your USB drive and they will run even if the computer to which you've attached the USB does not have FileMaker Pro installed. Advanced also has several features, such as a database design report and a script debugger that make it a much better choice for anyone who plans on designing a FileMaker database system.