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the script in recurring excel import wipes out existing data.

Question asked by StephenSkoutas on Oct 16, 2012
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the script in recurring excel import wipes out existing data.


     I have a couple of other posts going here that are all working toward a goal of having an excel spreadsheet that serves as a data source for a FileMaker Pro database.  The excel source needs to be updated regularly, and the recurring import needs to be run regularly to keep the database current.

     All is now working well, in that the import works smoothly and produces desired results.  I have a result that I understand, but I would like to change if possible.

     After importing into FileMaker, I have a layout that includes a related field from another table called "classification."  I want to be able to run the recurring excel import (which brings in product data) and then create more data based on what has been provided.  One necessary element is "classifiction" which links to a related table containing US Customs Classifications and duty / quota information.  It is in the layout as a pop-up and works fine.  

     The problem is that every time I run  the script from the recurring import, the classifications are wiped out.  That is because the script (image attached) has a line that commands "delete all records [no dialog]"

     Any way around this?  The goal is to be able to run the recurring import, classify, and then run another recurring import at a later time without wiping out the classifications.

     Thank you.