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Theme and Performance

Question asked by JCPython on Sep 2, 2012
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Theme and Performance


I noticed in some of the filemaker themes folder that some themes use a a bunch of images and others use none. like onyx theme uses images and wave uses none, im currently using onyx for around 80 layouts, im thinking of creating ipad and iphone layouts as well so that will create another 160 layouts atleast and give me a total of 240 onyx themed layouts at bvest in one database file. my question is if i change from using the onyx theme to a theme that doesnt use a bunch of images like the wave theme would there possibly be a performance increase by not having to render images on all the layouts?


Its very tedious work changing every layout and if the image heavy themes are no different then the plain css themes than i will likely stick with the onyx theme.

is it recommended to have that many layouts in one database file? or would it be a good idea to split the desktop layouts, iphone layouts and ipad layouts into 3 seperate files?