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    Theme Files



      Theme Files


      Does anyone know what happened to the Theme files we used to use as a basis for a Custom theme and where they now lurk ?

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          Thank you for your post.


          The Theme files are in the same place as they were for FileMaker Pro 9.


          On Windows, FileMaker Pro Advanced \ Extensions \ English \ Themes


          On Macintosh, FFileMaker Pro Advanced -> FileMaker Pro Advanced.app -> Contents -> Resources -> English.lproj -> Themes


          Let me know if you need clarification.



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            Hi TSGal,


            You are almost correct !


            What you and all the Filemaker Pro Advanced documentation miss out, which is vital, is that on Macintosh you must right click on the application in order to see the package contents. On Filemaker Pro Developer 6 the theme files were in a directory.


            I found the answer on another forum, but thanks for taking the time to try and help.