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Theme Optimization between FileMaker Pro 13 and 12

Question asked by Turtle_1 on Dec 8, 2014
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Theme Optimization between FileMaker Pro 13 and 12



I heard FileMaker Pro 13's custom theme feature could greatly reduce web traffic for WebDirect, so I created a custom theme and applied it to almost all of the layouts in an  FM13 file.

It appeared that the file rendered the layouts at a decent speed on WebDirect.

However, I have noticed one thing here;  when I tried to modify the layout(s) using FileMaker Pro 12,  the performance got way sluggish and sometimes went as close to getting no response from the application.

I even tried to restore the file using FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced and it generated a file with 1.8GB size, which was originally 2MB.

I believe FileMaker Pro 12 is compatible with 13 , but there seems to be some problem(s) with editing themes or using custom themes....

Are there any ways to share  and edit the same themes between FileMaker Pro 12 and 13?

Incidentally, FileMaker Pro 12's "Classic" theme does not share the same name with FileMaker Pro 13's "Classic".

Thank you for your time.