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      Its been sometime since I used the layout themes that was standard in FM 7. Fast forward to FMA 11 and I see that creating a new DB completely by-passes the layout themes selections.

      After searching I found the hidden themes folder. Looks to be about 28 different themes. But where and how do you apply themes to a new file now in FMA 11? 

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          • In Layout Mode choose LAYOUTS > CHANGE THEME
          • Right-click on an blank area of the existing layout and choose CHANGE THEME… from the contextual menu
          Why do I not see this menu item? 
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            Yeah, but Change Theme is a FileMaker 12 feature not found in FileMaker 11. Didn't you notice that it's not there in your screen shot?Wink

            I never used themes much in FM 11. As far as I can tell they can be selected when you use the New Layout wizard, but don't see any other way to select them.

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              Basically I understand that themes are CSS, like most web pages but with a different file names .fth  Filemaker support for themes has been on and off since the early days. After looking at FM12 now, the themes are back again.