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           Can I get a little guidance on Themes please.

           I find themes to be a great starting point, but most of my Clients require a bespoke user interface which matches a corporate ID.  I find that wether i start with a classic theme or something as sophisitciated as the River Touch Theme, I always run into issues which the theme dictates and wins.

           For Example, I am using Classic as my base theme and applying a greens design to my layout.  When applying a popup menu, a Black drop Shadow is applied which seemingly can not be changed.

           For Example, I am using river touch in another solution and changing a portal to blue.  The scroll bar remains coffee in colour.

           It seems to me that using no Theme at all is the best solution for a fully custom interface.  Is this a glitch or am I missing something fundamental


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               Basic | Classic is the closest you can come to "no theme".

               The black shadow is a long standing, annoying "standard" setting for classic, however.

               In FileMaker 11 and older, there were ways to make that shadow go away for pop up menus, but this cannot be done (as far as I know) in FileMaker 12. angry