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Question asked by obidon on Jun 24, 2013
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     Can I get a little guidance on Themes please.

     I find themes to be a great starting point, but most of my Clients require a bespoke user interface which matches a corporate ID.  I find that wether i start with a classic theme or something as sophisitciated as the River Touch Theme, I always run into issues which the theme dictates and wins.

     For Example, I am using Classic as my base theme and applying a greens design to my layout.  When applying a popup menu, a Black drop Shadow is applied which seemingly can not be changed.

     For Example, I am using river touch in another solution and changing a portal to blue.  The scroll bar remains coffee in colour.

     It seems to me that using no Theme at all is the best solution for a fully custom interface.  Is this a glitch or am I missing something fundamental