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Thinkin of buying Filemaker Pro but need advice on needs first...

Question asked by xeres_1 on Mar 2, 2010
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Thinkin of buying Filemaker Pro but need advice on needs first...


Hi all.


Right, I'm looking into purchasing Filemaker Pro and wanted some help to see if it would meet my needs of database creation. I am very inexperienced using database applications (Access only).


I want to create a database from scratch that can be deployed on a server and be accessed from other computers that don't have Filemaker installed. Is this possible and do they still receive full functionality?


If the above is possible, is it possible to have multiple logins at any one time or at least secure login? (For example, it is important that any changes within the database are stamped with the users signature)


Can you have calendar integration? For example, could you make a timetable that is visually presented within a calendar format that could also be summarised by your data types? (eg, list all "Activities" in a form)


Is it possible to lock down a database and copy protect it so it can be used as a saleable product? Or do I need to be looking at using Visual Basic and MySQL or something similar to do this? (To explain, I'm contemplating creating a bespoke database product that I plan to market. Will Filemaker allow me to work towards this aim?)


Possible requirement: Are the databases able to be read by Access 2003 or is that stretching my luck? sorry if thats a silly question but its important nonetheless.


I think thats the most of it. I just hope my questions make sense and don't seem to silly to you pro's.


Thanking you all very much in advance for your time and partience,