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Thinking about FM Pro

Question asked by WinstonChurchill on Aug 5, 2010
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Thinking about FM Pro


I'm currently using bento with the ipad app, it's OK but it has a couple of gaps I'd like to fill. I've looked at FM Pro before and d/l the trial but didn't get around to finding out enough about it before the trial expired. I also intended using it with FM touch which I found needed an advanced version of FM, but the new FM pro go app seems more appealing so I'm thinking of just buying the software and learning from there but have a couple of questions before I do.

I pretty much learned Final cut pro from video tutorials, I wondered if there are any third party tutorials of similar nature for FM Pro, I'd need to build my databases from scratch.

One of the intended uses is for data gathering but couldn't be sure if FM Pro will do what I'm looking to achieve, so I'll try to describe what I'm thinking of doing and hopefully someone will understand me and let me know if it's possible or not.

I'm assuming each record will be a job. For each job I have 9 different data sheets to compile (some might not be used on some jobs but I don't foresee that as a problem). I could do this in bento by using the tabs to keep multiple forms in one record. However what I can't do in bento is create a second identical blank data sheet under a particular tab if needed, perhaps an example might explain better.

I gather data about buildings and energy related info. So one of my nine sheets might be for heating systems, a building may have 4 or 5 such systems and I'd need to fill out a form for each. Another of my forms might be about the rooms, the property may have 15 rooms or more and I'd need to fill out a sheet for each.

So 9 different forms in one record, each with the ability to be duplicated as many times as necessary, is it possible.