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Thinking ahead - which version to go with ?

Question asked by apinfo on Jun 25, 2010
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Thinking ahead - which version to go with ?


I have been using FMP 5 and 7  -

my client is going to build a database that needs to be shared internally in the short term (5 computers in one office)

and maybe shared with outside users in the long term - so needs a recommendation on which version to go with :


FMP 11 vs FMP Server -


Internal sharing can be done with simple Instant Web Publishing in FMP 11, correct ?

Up to 5 users ? Any other limitations you might know about ?

How does this compare to sharing in Server ?


And more importantly :

If we start to build in FMP 11, can we later migrate this to a FMP Server version of the same database ?


Bottom Line : From the outside it seems like FMP server might be overkill right now - want to start small and build up later - possible ?



One last question :

Is it possible to export XML data from either or both of these versions ?