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Third-party Filemaker web-hosting service?

Question asked by KalleKantola on Dec 17, 2010
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Third-party Filemaker web-hosting service?


I work in a research group and have been using Bento to organize my personal information like plasmid DNA sequences and such. My supervisor happened to see me using the program and was so impressed that he requested me to set up a similar system for the entire lab of 10 researches, some of whom use PC. 

I was considering switching to filemaker pro and then using a filemaker hosting service to make the database easily accessible and usable both by PCs and Macs. Questions: 

1) Does the web interface allow searching the database entries or is it limited to data entry?

2) If I make the database with filemaker pro and upload it to the hosting service, is the number of simultaneous users still limited to something like 5 like in the "instant web publish" service? 

3) Can I just modify the database structure (add/delete fields etc) on my computer and sync the new structure to the hosting service pretty easily by the press of a few buttons?

4) Is the local "admin" copy on my computer kept in sync with the copy on the hosting provider; i.e. can I use the filemaker pro software on my computer to add data to the database seamlessly or should I use the web access like the rest of the team for routine data entering? 

5) Is web interaction with the database significantly more limited than using a local copy? I'm especially interested whether the users can use the web interface to add pictures to picture fields by using some kind of "browse file" dialog.