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This action cannot be performed because this file is not modifiable

Question asked by sanfranman59 on Oct 5, 2010
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This action cannot be performed because this file is not modifiable


I am pulling my hair out over this one. I'm new to FMP 11, but have been using FMP 5 & 6 for many years. We recently decided to upgrade our licenses since we were so far behind, but now I'm really beginning to regret it.

I've got a very simple little 3 field database file running on a Windows XP Pro box. The file resides on the local machine (this is a stand-alone computer that's not even connected to a network). But only users with administrator rights on the machine are able to add records to the file. If I'm signed onto the machine as administrator, I can edit the file. If I sign on as a normal Windows user, I cannot. The pop-up message I get is "This action cannot be performed because this file is not modifiable." If I add the user to the Administrators group in Windows, I can edit the file.

I've searched this forum for answers and couldn't find anything that matched my situation exactly. All I could find was a couple of Mac users and I think in both cases, their issues had to do with remote access and file sharing. That's not the case here. There's no remote access in my case and only one user at a time will be accessing the file. I also tried Googling the error message and couldn't find an answer there either.

This exact same thing is happening on two different XP Pro systems. I've tried monkeying with folder and file permissions in Windows and have also played around with the Manage Security settings and Privilege Sets in FMP. Nothing works other than giving the user administrator privileges in Windows. I'd prefer to avoid that for obvious reasons. I never had this kind of trouble with the old versions of FMP I've used (5 & 6).

Someone please help save my hair! This is the third day I've worked on solving this seemingly simple problem.