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This action cannot be performed because this file is not modifiable.

Question asked by LisaRadosta on Sep 9, 2011
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This action cannot be performed because this file is not modifiable.


I am working in Filemaker Pro 11 on a Mac running Snow Leopard. Recently, i started using instant web publishing insted of Dropbox to share the FM database that we use. 

When I did that, I set up accounts for each computer to sign into the file remotely. All accounts have full privileges. I also set up accounts for the FM database for each user when they are signed into the hosting computer.

The file is in a shared folder on the host computer to which all accounts on that computer have read and write access. 

I have also gone into Finder and modified the sharing settings for the file itself so that all accounts have access to the file as read and write. 

I am having two issues:

1. The only way that the web publishing works is if I am signed into the host computer. In other words, if any other user is signed into the host computer instead of me, the web page where the FM database is hosted, can't be found .

2. I get the above error code each time that any of the users except me are signed into the FM database on the computer itself, not remotely. In other words, no one can modify the database unless they are signed in under my log in/password. 


I have tried moving the file to dropbox, but the error above (subject line) still comes up so the issue seems to be within my database.