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This is gonna be a doosey - Sequential Invoice Numbers by Company

Question asked by dwhylanjr on Feb 2, 2010
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This is gonna be a doosey - Sequential Invoice Numbers by Company


I sure hope someone is interested in helping me with this particular script challenge.  Here are the basics...


1.  I have a database comprised of individual items that need to be billed to a variety of companies.  Some companies would have one item and some company might have three or four items.


2.  I would like to have a script that finds all of the items in a date range (i.e. 1/1/2010...1/31/2010).


3.  I would ten like to sort the times by customer (i.e. Company One; Company Two; Company Three).


4.  I want to enter in a field the starting invoice number for that particular billing cycle (i.e. IN10-8643).  Each month would start with a different number because we might invoice outside of our billing cycle.


5.  I then want Filemaker to assign a sequential invoice number, starting with the number I entered) to Company One's invoice (containing one or more items) and print then assign the next sequential number to Company Two and print and then go to Company Three and assign the next sequential number and print.


Impossible?  Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!