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This may not be possible but....

Question asked by appt on Apr 19, 2014
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This may not be possible but....


     I have been playing with charting and have a reasonable understanding of how to make up a graph.

     However, I have been asked to try to create the graph shown in the attachment. 

     As you can see it does not have values for each x-axis value just a few. I can create a graph based on the values i put in but unless there are values in the very first age (y-axis) and the very last age the graph only displays from the lowest stored value to the highest.

     The same is of course true of the x-axis with the added complication that I need text value on the x-axis. I can assign the colours to numbers so the bones of it are correct but can't display the values as text.

     I thought about adding text boxes down the left hand side but of course that will not work as the graph changes size based on the number of values stored so the text won't match.

     Bottom line is that I have to display that graph in its entirety on screen but will only be adding a few values.

     If it can't be done then it can't be done.