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THis should be simple - radio button

Question asked by dondea on Dec 31, 2014
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THis should be simple - radio button


I have a data base with 20,000+ records of food items, which all have a portal with images linked. The records are updated weekly by reimporting an Excel file. I set that all up fine. But I can't get my radio button to work!

The food items in the records are either members of an awards program or not, and it changes from week to week.  That info is in an excel column as "award"  if it is a member, or blank if it is not a member. As a quick visual to the FM users I want the radio button to fill in (positive) if the field has award, or not fill in (negative) if the excel field is empty.  Administrators of the FM file (me and one other person) should be able to toggle the radio button On or Off if we discover the value was entered incorrectly from Excel.

I just can't seem to get it to work--this is simple yet driving me crazy.