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    THis should be simple - radio button



      THis should be simple - radio button


      I have a data base with 20,000+ records of food items, which all have a portal with images linked. The records are updated weekly by reimporting an Excel file. I set that all up fine. But I can't get my radio button to work!

      The food items in the records are either members of an awards program or not, and it changes from week to week.  That info is in an excel column as "award"  if it is a member, or blank if it is not a member. As a quick visual to the FM users I want the radio button to fill in (positive) if the field has award, or not fill in (negative) if the excel field is empty.  Administrators of the FM file (me and one other person) should be able to toggle the radio button On or Off if we discover the value was entered incorrectly from Excel.

      I just can't seem to get it to work--this is simple yet driving me crazy.

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          Couple of thoughts.

          In the Inspector (View Menu | Inspector) on the Data Tab you want to have the field "Control Style" set to the Value List which controls the options of the radio button.  Value Lists are setup under File Menu | Manage | Value Lists.

          Secondly I'd recommend setting it up this way as I personally dislike having "empty" meaning something, I'd rather have a defined input representation to know if it was on purpose of it it was just something someone forgot to put in.  So you might think about making your "Membership" field either a "Yes" or "No" entry to indicate membership.  Then setup your Excel file this way.  Your "Value List" for the radio button would be either "Yes" or "No".



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            Just adding to Mark_M's excellent suggestions: If the value in a text field exactly matches a value in a value list you specify for your radio button format, it will show the radio button as selected. 

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              Ok, so something still is not right in my button set up. I DID have the data tab control style set to my value list [which was a calculated value as   IsValid ( award ) = award    ]

              I changed my excel file column to Yes or No.  I changed the value list to Yes  No.    Now EVERY item is either a yes or a no, depending on what I mess with in my value list (calculated value, looked up value, custom value, etc.) There are so many ways to change value lists and fields

              I actually don't know how it was originally set up anymore. Maybe it's time to delete the button and all association fields and start over.

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                This would seem to need a very simple setup. I don't see any need for your calculated value and IsValid ( award ) = award. If that's the exact text in your calculation, it makes no sense at all as I would expect it to return the value 0 (False) in all cases. This is a Boolean expression comparing the True or False result of IsValid to the value of the award field--not something that is ever likely to be True.

                Just keep it a simple text field with the values Yes or No in the field after import. Make sure that it is a text field since you are importing text into it. Then define a simple custom values value list with two values: Yes; No. Then format your field as radio buttons and specify this value list.

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                  Ok, so a fresh start and I have a Yes or No text box showing up appropriately (not a radio button but it will suffice). Thank You for clarifying that I was getting way too complicated.

                  Unfortunately, it has now broken the previously correct functioning of selected records showing if they are in the awards program or not in another layout when those records are exported. Hoping

                  back to the drawing board on the other layout might work too….