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This should be simple, but...

Question asked by mattb on Dec 11, 2009
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This should be simple, but...


All I'm trying to do is, from a script, copy an FP7 file (not the one the script is running from) to another FP7 file.


When I do the equivalent of the following script steps manually (i.e. by making menu choices, not running a script), 


1. open file ("xxx.fp7")

2. save a copy as [copy]


it works fine.


But when I run the 2 script steps above as a script, it makes a copy of the file running the script, not the file which I opened

up in step 1.  


Summary:  In running a script from file "A", my intention is to copy file "B" to file "C".  But instead the script copies file "A" to file "C",

ignoring file "B", which was opened up on top of file "A".


How do I rectify this?




Matt Bloomfield