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thousands comma in a merge field

Question asked by JaimeHorton on Nov 5, 2013
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thousands comma in a merge field


     hello everyone 

     need some help with a merge field 

     i have a calculation merge field that displays multiple fields within, what im trying to do is get the thousands separator to show up in the calculation field. it will display the decimal just not the thousands ???? and ideas 

     my code is as follows 

     If ( IsEmpty ( BaseTicketPrice1 ) 
     ;"P1 Base: $" & BaseTicketPrice1 & 
     "     P1 Gross: $" & GrossTicketPriceRes1 & 
     "     P1 Capacity: " & CapacityPriceRes1 & 
     "     P1 total: $" & CapacityPriceRes1 * GrossTicketPriceRes1 )
     All the Fields above have been formated to show the thousands comma and decimal they just don't display in preview 
     See attached Screen shot 
     Thanks for your help with this