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Three Key Fields, Drop-Down Pick List

Question asked by macguy0918 on Sep 10, 2009
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Three Key Fields, Drop-Down Pick List


I have a table with three values which together make up a unique key - first name, last name, and course code.  The same person might have multiple entries so I can't pick a unique record with just first name and last name; it takes all three fields.


I would like to set up a drop down pick list for people to pick the record they want to edit and then drop them in the first field of that record.


I tried setting up a calculated field that concatenates the three fields with a comma between the first and last name and a : after the name so that the calculated field looks like this "lastname, firstname: coursecode".  That works and I can use a drop down list to pick the name I want, but I can't figure out the next step, which is to take that calculated field and somehow find the right record and drop the user into browse mode in the first field in that record.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.