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three novice questions

Question asked by docgould on Dec 29, 2011
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three novice questions


Good morning.

I am fairly new to FM Pro and have three questions that will hopefully be easy for this group to help me with. For context, I am an orthopaedic surgeon using FM and FM Go to keep track of my hospital consults and surgery patients. My records include dates of surgery, name, medical record, codes for what was done and diagnosis, notes to myself, etc. I've got the data fields pretty much how I like them and are useful/helpful. Here are my questions:

1) While my formatting looks good on the screen, if I try to create pdf's of records, the outlines of my datafields aren't uniformly showing up and some fields do not show the actual data (look blank). All data fields have the same height, text vertical orientation and font type/size.

2) Now I am trying to take things to the next step and create some reports.  I organize my cases by the date of surgery, which is a calendar field. I have tried to create a report that organizes my cases by date. While i figured out a way to sort them by day, is there a way to group all my cases from one month together? Right now the report shows a date and then itemizes the cases that match that date. It then gives two subtotals for that date. I would like to group all the cases from each month together and then have my two subtotals be for that month.

3) As the new year starts, I would like to start a new database for 2012. Is there an easy way to start a new database with the layouts I've created for this year? I've thought of creating a duplicate database and then just clearing all the data from the duplicate one but was wondering if there was an easier way.


I appreciate any help you can offer with these questions. Thanks.