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Three Portals

Question asked by FilipePimentel on Dec 5, 2013
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Three Portals


     Hello all, 

     I need some help. I need to create a layout with three portals

     I have 4 tables

     Companies / Clients / Items / Payment

     On the Companies Layout I will select which company I am using. Then I need three portals

     Portal 1: I can enter The client details and see all the clients listed

     Portal 2: enter what this client purchased and when I select Client 1, I can his list of purchases / 

     Portal 3: enter all payments made by de client. When I select the Item purchased in the previous portal I can see how many payments were made. 

     I already managed to set portal 2 and 3. When I select the Company, I can enter the Name of the client (Portal 1), then I can add the price for the item in Portal 2 (in our case it is only one Item - Plot of Land - I only set the coordenates 1B, 2C, etc). 

     Then in portal 3 I can place the payments made (instalments). 

     Now where I am stukc is when I want to add a second Client in Portal 1, Portal 2 does not clear for new entry.

     I am pretty sure is a table occurence that I need to add but I am not sure where. 


     Hope you guys can help.