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    thumbnails in a container field



      thumbnails in a container field



           I'm using FM Pro 12.  I just converted a database from FM Pro 11.  In this database I have a portal on one of my layouts which displays a container field from a related table.  I therefore am able to store multiple files per record in the container field.  When I was using FM Pro 11, I was able to double click on the thumbnail and have the stored file open up for viewing.  This is not working in FM Pro 12.  I see the thumbnail and the name of the file but nothing happens when I double click on it.

           Any help is greatly appreciated!


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               all of the following can affect whether or not you can open a file in a container by double clicking the container field:

               What storage options have you selected for the container field in field options?

               What storage option did you use when inserting or importing the file into the container field?

               What insert/import method did you use?

               What data formatting options did you select on the inspector's data tab--did you optimize the field for interactive content?

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                 Thanks for responding so quickly!

                 The storage options I selected are:  Store container data externally (relative to database location) & open storage

                 I don't remember if these options were selected before I transferred the data.  I have however, used the drop & drag method of inserting files into the container field with the same inability to open them.

                 Initially when I converted the database, I just transferred the data when FM prompted me.

                 I have tried optimizing for images and for interactive content and neither allow me to view the files.  I do have both images and interactive content files stored in this container field, it worked in FM Pro 11.

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                   This won't work for double clicks on multiple levels.

                   Externally stored files cannot be opened with a double click as far as I know. You'll need to use a different method for opening the file. Export Field Contents can be used to open the file--either as a manual selection from the edit menu or via a script you can assign to a button. (And the container field can be your button.)

                   In FileMaker 12 Drag and Drop stores a physical copy of the files, it's the equivalent of Insert Picture and these cannot be opened via double click. In FileMaker 11 on windows, darg and drop did an Insert Object--which could be double clicked, but I hope you didn't do this with a lot of files in FileMaker 11 on windows or you'll have a real chore fixing the issue.

                   Optimizing for interactive content also disables the double click and isn't an option you can use with container fields in a portal.

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                     All of my files in FM 11 were stored as references, with all of the original documents, images, etc. stored in a central folder.  I just used an "Insert" button to bring them into the container field via the portal.  It was great, not sure what I'll do now.

                     Thanks for your time Phil.


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                       That method still works in FileMaker 12, provided you haven't selected any of the new features that I mentioned.

                       A file inserted with "store a reference" into a container field using the Insert File method can still be opened by double clicking the container field,  provided that the specific field object double clicked has not been optimized for interactive use and then only if the defined container field does not use the new external storage option.

                       There are two ways to view that thumbnail in larger format.

                       Export Field Contents--as I have previously mentioned here

                       Go to a layout or pop up that layout in a floating window where the container field is sized larger to better display the image. I've recently set up a DB in FileMaker 10 that uses Go To Related Records to pop up the image in a small floating window with anchors that stretch the container field out to the inside edges of the floating window with the window proportioned to match the original image proportions. If the user needs an even closer look, they can drag a corner or edge of the floating window to resize it larger and the container field auto-sizes to fit that larger size.

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                         I'm going to give the Export Field Contents a try.  I did not realize that you have the option to open to automatically open the file.  This sounds like the best fit for us.

                         Thanks again!

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                           I have a couple of questions.  First, about the Export Field Contents method:

                           I created a button in the portal where the container field resides with the Export Field Contents script; chose the target field and I added an Output File Path.  I have several files in the container field.  When I click on the button for the first file, it opens beautifully.  When I click the button for the second file, the first file I opened opens again.  I don't get a new window with the second file.  If I close the window and click the button for the second file, it does open the correct file.  Is there a way to open all the files at the same time?

                           I had trouble opening a .xlsx file.  When I clicked the button for this file, a Finder window popped up open to the folder in the Output File Path I chose.  I used the drop & drag method of inserting this file into my container field.  

                           What formatting options are best for my container field if I am using the drop & drag method and I am dropping & dragging images and interactive files?

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                             You'll need to specify different file names for each exported file if you need to open several at the same time. You can assign the file path and name to a variable using a calculation to specify the file name in order to get different file names for each such file.

                             I wonder if you have an application designated in your OS to open .XLSX files. What happens if you export the file without the "open" option to your desktop and then double click the copy on your desktop? If you get the same dialog, then it woule appear you need to update an OS setting to specify what application to use to open .XLSX files.

                             Keep in mind that interactive optimization is not a choice you can use with container fields inside portals.

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                               Phil I appreciate your time...thank you.

                               I am going back to my FM 11 routine.