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    Thumbnails using the checkbox in Manage Containers


      Thumbnails using the checkbox in Manage Containers


           First, I am aware of how to make separate container fields for various thumbnail sizes.

           Second, I have inherited a file using SuperContainer with 7000 custom functions and longwinded scripts using those functions.

           Third, I am not anxious to make a catastrophe...

           Now, the containers are set for external storage and I am looking under the File:Manage Containers:Thumbnail tab at the radio button for permanent storage. Natually the dialog leaves many questions unanswered, such as "What Thumbnails?"

           First Question: will Filemaker generate a thumbnail based on the size of my container, say 200x200 for a 12 megabyte image and then store that image permanently for all records.

           Second Question: is this referencing a thumbnail that I might create using getthumbnail and storing that permanently.

           Third Question: what does this mean.  :)

           If, after the file has been running for a year, I decide to select the permanent storage option. What happens? For instance, does this interfere with whatever SuperContainer is doing.



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               Jack Rodgers:

               Thank you for your post.

               When an image is put into a Container field where the formatting is set for (default) "Reduce image to fit", a thumbnail is temporarily created.  If you then go into Manage Containers, and click on the Thumbnail tab, you will see the option "Generate and store thumbnails of images" checked with the sub-option "Temporary storage".  If you want the image to be stored permanently in the file (making for faster display), then change the sub-option to Permanent storage.  For those images that are either embedded or stored using secure storage, the thumbnails are also encrypted in permanent thumbnail storage.  When you change from temporary storage to permanent storage, it may take some time to update the file, especially with 7000 images.

               If you have a calculation using GetThumbnail function, this will create a separate image.

               I don't have experience with SuperContainer, so you may want to contact 360Works for guidance about possible interference.

               FileMaker, Inc.