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    Tick boxes



      Tick boxes


      Good morning, 


      I want to be able to "tick" next to some text or an actual field, to indicate that it has been selected but also to display this as a "tick" (as opposed to the standard cross or radio button).


      Any ideas?





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          Hi Andrew


          This can be done, but is not supported natively in FileMaker so you need to recreate it using images of you "Tick" on and off in container fields, a calculation to display the correct image and a sriopt that will set the value of your field.


          Along with the field that holds the value, I will call this OptionField 


          First off crete two container fields, TickOn and TickOff and set the Type: to Container. Click Options and check the box to set the field as a Global.


          Crete a calculation that will be displayed on teh layou


            TickDisplay = ( Calculated Container )


               If ( OptionField = 1 ; TickOn ; TickOff )


          Now come out of Define Database and place the four fields on your layout. Insert the appropriate images into the container fields and test the calculation works by placing a 1 in OptionField.


          Now you need to create a Script that will simply be:





            If [ TABLE:: OptionField = 1 ]

              Set Field [ Tabel:: OptionField ; "" ]


              Set Field [ Tabel:: OptionField ; 1 ] 

            End If

            Commit Record/Request []



          In layout mode attache the script TickButton to the calculated field TickDisplay by selecting the field and the go: Format > Button Setup... and selecting the script TickButton.


          Now go into Browse mode and click on the TickDisplay field and the image should change. 


          I hope this makes sense and let me know how you get.