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    tieing a script to a button



      tieing a script to a button


           My school has updated my file maker pro database to file maker pro 12 (mine was like 5 or 6)  so things have changed.  I believe I have written scripts correctly BUT I am not able to tie them to a button.  Could you please give me the steps to do this. I keep scores for my physical education students and for example I have entered all my 1st grade students and want to tie them to a teacher (button).  I go to find mode and find for example all the students that I want for a certain teacher and 26 students show up which is correct.  I have written the script for example that reads Grade 1  England 2012-2013.  Now what to do is the question.   

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               This has not changed since very eary versions of FileMaker.

               Enter layout mode. Click the button tool.

               Draw a rectangle where you want your button.

               Select "Perform Script" in the button setup.

               Click "Select" and select the script that you want your button to perform.

               You can also enter layout mode, select an existin objects such as a graphic object, layout text or a field and then use Button Setup from the format menu to turn the selected object or objects into a button.