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Tiered Privileges

Question asked by user22711 on May 28, 2014
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Tiered Privileges


     Employees can only view 7 edit & delete their own records…

     Managers can only view, edit and deleted records of Employee’s (maybe filtered by department of responsibility) but not other managers…

     Executive Manager can view, edit & delete records of Managers, Employee’s but not other Executive Managers…

     ..and so on..

     I have a Departments Table and am writing this to a Variable and a global field on start up, but I’m stuck on how to manage the tiered permissions… most records have a Department field assignment except setup tables (Vendors, Employees, etc, which all managers should be able to view, create, etc.).. but still I am stuck on implementing this… and I’m not even sure what to search here on web as the only thing than comes up is limiting records to self.