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Tim with Combo field

Question asked by teachmouse on May 9, 2012
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Tim with Combo field


I have combined a field with other field information, some fields are blank and I end up with leading spaces. I have used the Trim but I get odd results.



FieldName & " " & FieldType & " " & FieldCode & " "

Result (FieldName) (FieldType) (FieldCode)

This is how I am combining the other fields with a space seperation. Some fields have no informaiton so I get the result of

" " "(FieldCode) or ""(FieldType) (FieldCode)

If I enter the Trim(CombField) at the end or at the start of the calculation i get dubbles

(FieldCode)(FieldCode) No space but dubble or tripple of the items being combined.

Any hope of just having one combo with no space? with out doing a lot of case statements?