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    Time Card and Time Tracking



      Time Card and Time Tracking


      Hello, I am looking for some advice and help with creating a way to combine Employee Time Cards with Job tracking?


      Currently in my Job Tracking table I have to manually input each employee each employee and there hours on each job. This gives me the total man hours per job. I want to create a Time Card Table and enter job and hours worked, by employee, and have it automatically transfer the employees name and hours worked to the Job Tracking table. I only need the total hours worked for each employee on each job and if i need to run a report i can easily find out who was at that job and when.


      Any help is appreciated.




      FM 10.0 (not Advanced) 


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          It sounds like you should have the following tables:

          Employees (1 record for each employee, put name, address, job title etc. here)

          Jobs ( 1 record for each job--needed if one employee is working on more than one "job")

          WorkLog (1 record records the start and stop date/time for a given employee on a given job)


          The last table, will be the source of the report you describe.


          I'd give it at least the following fields:

          Time In (Date Stamp)

          Time Out (Date Stamp)

          JobID (number, links to Jobs table)

          EmployeeID (Number, links to Employee table)

          cHoursWorked: (Time Out - Time In ) / 3600   /* returns hours worked */

          sTotalHours: Summary, Total of cHoursWorked


          Using the above fields, if you perform a find for a specific job, sTotalHours returns the total hours worked by all employees on the specified job. If you search for a given employee, specifying a range of "time  in" dates, the same field reports the total hours worked by that employee and so forth.


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            Thank you for your response. 

            Ive gotten that far but I have not made the WorkLong table yet because I can figure out how the employees names will get into the Job Tracking table with the total hours. 

            I dont need the ( (Time Out - Time In ) because i only type in the total hours. 



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              You should not put the employee names in this table.

              The employee names are already stored in the employee table. There is no need to store them a second time.


              Instead you use a relationship to link the tables. So that when you log an employee's work on a given job, their ID number is used to find and display their name from the employee table.


              Two relationships needed:

              Employee::EmployeeID = WorkLog::employeeID

              Jobs::JobID = WorkLog::JobID

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                why can't you use an online time tracking application..

                which will reduce your time and the employees can automaticaly time in and time out on their own,

                which will be stored in the database.


                Online Timecard