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Time Card Templets

Question asked by CraigFiore on May 6, 2013


Time Card Templets



     Ive been tasked to develope an on-line time card for my compnay. Rather then reinvent the wheel, I thought Id ask if anyone know of a good templet use or at least start off with. This time card will be used by empolyees that do not show up to the office. They work in the field all week and we would like them not to have to drive in just to turn a time card in. We are hoping they could fill it out from home or from there browser from a smart phone.

     We are looking to have:

     Personal sign in.
     It does NOT have to caculate how much money is earned.
     Task Catagories (for insurance purposes)
     A notes area (to put job names)
     Caculate daily and weekly hours along with catagorie hours.

     Any help will be appricaited.