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Time Field - stuck as a "Decimal" - Inspector unable to change it

Question asked by hoib on Jun 19, 2015
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Time Field - stuck as a "Decimal" - Inspector unable to change it


Here's a strange one.  And maybe it isn't.  Who can say?  On Win 7 Pro with FM14 Pro Adv.

I have a time in field on a timesheet layout.  In the source table, this "Time_In" field is set as a "Time" type.  Not Text or Number or any thing else.  Over on the layout which is based on that TO, the field is set in place in a portal that brings in the volunteer's info.  I use a drop down with a custom val list to pick the time in, in 15 minute increments and formatted hh:mm.  The layout is giving me a displayed value like this example:  9:15:46 AM    I don't want seconds displayed which causes the field to wrap - I'd just like to see 9:15 AM.  Pull up the inspector.  It shows that the field is set to display "Decimal" values.  That doesn't look right so using Inspector I shift that element over to the Time setting in the Data Formatting section under the Data tab, and ensure that I have 12 hour set and ":" as the separator.  Also the format is set to hh:mm.  All looks good.  Go to save this layout.  No change to the field display.  Back to the inspector and it's back to Decimal again!  The change I just imposed did not persist.  And, funny to note, I checked on other time fields that display correctly - they're all Decimal too!!!!

Question:  Are all Time fields supposed to be in Decimal Format (in the Inspector)?

So in order to fix this display problem, exactly what am I looking at here?  I'm sure if it was a FM "bug" someone would have recognized it by now.

I'm duly perplexed.  Anybody know what I should do?