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Time field calculations messed up

Question asked by flybynight on Jan 7, 2009
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Time field calculations messed up


I use a modified version of a Time Card template that was supplied with a previous version of FMP. It worked fine in v5 & v6 (still works fine in v6). Then, we upgraded to v9 and things aren't working right.

Here is how it was working:

I enter times using the decimal as a separator (faster on the 10-key pad) as 9.15 or 17.05 and it converted it to 9:15 or 17:05. We almost never have someone work past midnight, so 24 hour time is adequate for a simple End Time - Back From Lunch + Leaving For Lunch - Start Time calculation.

In FMP v9, opening the same file, times I enter show up as "0:00" after I tab out of the field, unless it is just a number like an even hour "9" and then it shows up as "9:00". Either way the calculation field shows up as "?" until I click in it and then it shows "8.04.00" as an example.

If I try to enter times with a ":" separator (just to test) I get a message saying:

The value of this field mus be a valid time (hours, hours and minutes, or hours, minutes and seconds) and should look like "11.09.03 PM". 

Any idea what is going on here? Basically, my goal is just to be able to enter hours and minutes with a "." separator and have it do simple calculations. To get by I have just been using FMP v6 for this one and v9 for everything else.