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    Time field layout format



      Time field layout format



      I have a field in my cd database where i put in the time (length) of a cd track.

      At the moment i type in for example 00:12:04 (hh:mm:ss)

      Is it possible that i change the field so that he automatically creates the : and i only have to type the six number?

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          If you are using FileMaker 11, you may be able to use the OnObjectValidate script trigger to run a script to reformat your data with the missing : before the validation rule on your time field can kick in a display an error message telling you that they are missing.

          With older versions that do not have this specific trigger, you'd need to set up a text field for input and a time field that recieves the properly formatted time value via auto-enter calculation or script.

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            On calculation in the script could look like this:

            If ( Length ( Text ) = 6 ;

            Left ( Text ; 2 ) & ":" Middle ( Text ; 3 ; 2) & ":" & Right ( Text ; 2 )


            or something simllar.

            You can also filter out numbers on for the Text:

            Filter ( Text ; 0123456789 )

            fileer out only numbers before it gets recalculated with colons.