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Time Formatting Question (in a script)

Question asked by Jeff123 on Apr 21, 2010
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Time Formatting Question (in a script)


In a previous post I asked about a script for Time Zones, but it seems like it would be waaayyy to difficult (or impossible) to do, so I deleted the post in hopes of not cluttering up the forum.  So I elected to use Dialog boxes to display the current time based on a pre-defined time zone field.


Now I am running into some trouble formatting.  I have:



MonthName ( Get (CurrentDate ) )  & Day ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) &  Year ( Get ( CurrentDate) ) & ¶ & 

Hour ( Get (CurrentTime) )  & ":" & Minute ( Get (CurrentTime))

 The month format is exactly what I want.  The problem is with the time format.  I would like it to look like this:


1:32pm but it shows up as 1332 (24 hour clock).


I know there is timestamp, and can get that working, but I don't like the format (The date format and I do not want seconds displayed for the time. I also don't want it to be on the same line).  This, I mind you, is in a Dialog Box, not in a field (I know how to change the time/date format in a field).  


Thanks :smileyhappy: