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    Time of departure auto-enter



      Time of departure auto-enter



      I'm building a small database for a Horse back riding rally. When creating the team record, i would like the time of departure to auto enter. Such as: First team, first record, Departure at 09.00 and 13.00 (European time). Second team, second record, departure at 09.05 and 13.05. Third record, departure 09.10 and 13.10. And so on. Between each departure there is a 5 minutes delay. How can I do this.

      Thank you for your help.

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          Are you wanting to be able to enter the first record's depart time and then have subsequent records autofill with times in 5 minute increments or something else.  If they autoenter based on the first records time, you should be able to define the field as calculation cStart and use a global field as the first start time. 

          The start time field for each team would then be gStarttime + (Get(RecordNumber)-1)*300

          cStart would be the same as gStarttime for the first record and increment by 5 minutes for each additional

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            Hello Mark

            Thank you for your help. I't works. have a good weekend.

            Regards from Switzerland