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Time Schedule Calculation

Question asked by CraigBarnes on Aug 23, 2011
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Time Schedule Calculation


I am building a database of timepoints for bus routes. I want to put in the starting time in the first field, and have the remaining fields filled in automaticaaly based on adding minutes.

Eample time points:

  • Lorene & 7th - Enter time manually (6:00 AM)
  • Dante & Venus - 15 minutes after previous (Lorene & 7th) (6:15 AM)
  • Transit Center - 15 minutes after previous (Dante & Venus) (6:30 AM)
  • Oro Grande - 25 minutes after Transit Center (6:55 AM)
  • Depart - 5 minutes after Oro Grande (7:00 AM - this would also become the next Lorene & 7th time))

Then have the next Lorene & 7th time equal the previous Depart time.

Want to start this at 6:00 AM and have one every hour until 8:00 PM. Or repeat until a certain hour or number of times.

Thanks in advance,