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    Time series data



      Time series data


           Hi, I am new to FMP and databases in general. I have set up a database for collecting data about trees. Each tree is given an ID number (generated serial number) and then various data is recorded for the tree and individual branches using FMGo, see screen captures below.

           The problem is, I will later return to the same tree and record the same information again, and need to be able to compare the observations made at different times. The common information is the tree ID. What is the easiest way to set this up? Create new fields for the 2nd (and each subsequent set) of observations?



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               I would think you need 2 tables.  1 for Trees & 1 for Inspections.  The screenshot you are showing should be from Inspections, as a portal on your Trees Table record.  Everytime you do an Inspection, it will be a new record on your Inspection Table, related to trees.  Then you can either go to the tree record, and flip thru the inspection records.  Or put a button on the tree record that shows all the related inspections in a report type layout.

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                 The key conceptual detail is to think in terms of generating a new record for each new set of observations for a given tree.

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                   Thank you both for your replies. I'm currently in south Sulawesi (Indonesia), which is where we are doing this data collection.  I'll make the necessary changes to the database when we head home for a break at Easter.

                   At present, all the fields are in a single table.

                   Will I need to separate out the data from "Inspection 1" into a new table, or can I just create new tables for "Inspection 2", and so on?

                   Also, will I need to create new field names for subsequent inspections, e.g. if I currently have a field called "Disease score" for each branch, will I need to create "Disease score 2" for the second inspection and "Disease score 3" for the third inspection, etc?

                   Thanks for your help.


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                     You don't want to create a new table for each inspection. You'll find that this is not a workable option in FileMaker.

                     Each inspection should be a different record in the same table.

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                       I have uploaded a test version of my database here:


                       Would anyone be able to give me advice (in layman's terms) how to modify it so that I can include round 2 and round 3 observations?

                       I don't need to see them on this particular layout, I just want to know the best structure to add that additional information.