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    Time set HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      Time set HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!



       I allow users to upload pictures to thier file .. I want to let them choose how long it stays up .. How can I set a field to allow them to let the picture file be displayed by them :: Example ...

       I upload a picture and then it ask how long do I want it to be viewed by others Like  Jan 1 to Jan 31 run for 30 days...

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          Knowing how you are set up would help us here, Vance.

          Will one User be able to display many pictures? 

          What happens when the time runs out; should the picture be deleted from the system? 

          What FM version and OS are you using?

          Is the picture in the same table; describe the table(s) involved please.

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            Im useing Fmp10 Windows 7 and I have a runtime .. I allow users to upload a Jpeg to my server I created a Html file on my website which inserts the file<jpeg> and inserts it to an html file in which file maker looks at it and displays the Html file with web viewer But I want to create a way so that my users can put a time limit on how long the web viewer will display it .. Like 30 days or 15 days .. after the time is up I  dont want to delete the file because they may want to display the picture longer and be able to go back and reset the time limit ..