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    Time sheet script?



      Time sheet script?


      I have a time sheet created for midwest. Now west coast people will begin using it. Can i create a rule were it states if you log in with a profile labeled West coast it calculates any time after 8hrs as over time. Or do i have to recreate a new time sheet? Thanks!

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          In File Options, you can set up a script that runs when the file is opened. If the west coast users have their own privilege set, your script can check for that privilege set name and set a global field and or global variable. Any new records created by these users can auto-enter the value of this global field into a field of the new records so that any calculations defined in that record that need to compute values differently can refer to this value in an If or Case function. Scripts can also check either that value or the privilege set name to make the same kind of adjustment.

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            PHP Timesheet Script


            I am looking for a very simple, text file based, PHP timesheet script.

            I could create one but I was hoping that I can get one which closely matches my needs rather than spending time on it.

            What I am looking for is,

            - No login
            - Multiple employees
            - Simple timesheet management (bi-weekly)

            I'll use this on intranet, hence I don't need anything extra. I want to simply download it and use it. It'd be better if it's text file based. I know that it might be slow or any other issues but I don't need one with database (yet).



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