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    Time sheet summary



      Time sheet summary


      I am using a prewritten database in Filemaker pro 9. Time sheet. Does anyone know how to get a report that would give me the total hours paid for only sicktime, holiday or regular pay based on a individual employee? For a specified time frame.

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          A summary report can likely be constructed that groups time sheet records under the categories you list and computes both sub totals and grand totals.

          The details depend on how the database records the time for each employee.

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            Thank you for trying to help. Can you ellaborate or I might not be putting it right. When I create a field I have an option to make it repeat in options, storage. I want to do this for multiple fields and have a value list on one of them. This way if I do a line item, I want to be able to pull a report with just that line type.

            Date     In    Out    daytype(value list)  hrs 

            7-1-10   7      3:30      regular               8

            7-2-10   7      3:30      holiday               8

            The above Repeats for 7 days a week. If in one year I wanted to pull a report and find only the grand total john was paid, holiday pay or regular time or How many total holiday hours my company paid out to all, how would I do that? Would the database know the difference of the line with the different daytypes?

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              Using repeating fields complicates this report greatly. If you can set this up with a list of line items where each record records an employees time for one day or even part of a day it's much easier to work with the data. Otherwise, the calculations to compute total hours sick, regular, OT, vacation, etc. for a given entry become excessively complex. (In many companies, an employee can work for part of the day and then take sick leave or vacation time for the remaining hours.)

              I can't tell from your posts at this point how you've set this up or whether you are still in the design stages of setting it up.

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                I am in the design stage. So any direction will be greatly appreciated.

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                  I'd have a TimeSheet table where one record represents one segment of time worked by a given employee and labeled with one of the categories such as regular time that you list in your first post.

                  You'd have at least an employees table where you have one record for each employee. You likely will need more tables, but which ones depends on what you want to use.

                  Here's a simplified approach to get you started:

                  Your employees table will have fields such as:

                  EmployeeID (Serial number field)
                  Name (text)
                  //any other fields needed to document each employee

                  Your TimeSheet table would have these fields:

                  EmployeeID (number field )
                  DateWorked ( Date )
                  WorkType (Text)
                  TimeIn (Timestamp)
                  TimeOut (Timestamp)
                  cHoursWorked (TimeOut - TimeIn ) / 3600
                  sTotalHours (Summary, Total of cHoursWorked)

                  You'd link the two tables with this relationship:
                  Employees::EmployeeID = TimeSheet::EmployeeID

                  Enable allow creation of records via this relationship for TimeSheet in this relationship.

                  Place a portal to TimeSheet on your Employees layout and you'll be able to log in and out each employee by finding their employee record and then entering data in the portal. (There are other approaches with these tables that can be used that don't require finding an employee record first also.)

                  Now create a summary report, where you place WorkType and sTotalHours in a subsummary part sorted by WorkType and you can create a report, if you sort your records by WorkType, that lists the hours worked in each category for just a selected employee or all your employees, for a selected range of work dates or all work dates. (You controll these options with which records you pull up by performing different finds.)

                  Here's a tutorial on summary reports and some of the variations possible you may find useful: 

                  Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial