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    Time Sheet Templates



      Time Sheet Templates


           Is there anywhere that offers a free FM timesheet template?  For me to build off of?

           Our payroll is bi-weekly. 

           I would like to have them all download FM Go on their iphones and iPads, and use a timesheet, they then send to me.

           Is this possible, WITHOUT having FM server?

           And again, is there anywhere I can get a time sheet template?


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               Though I am somewhat critical of its basic design, there's one that comes free with FileMaker 12 as a starter solution. It's called time billing.

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                 I have seen that, and it isn't anything what I need.

                 I am currently using an excel spreadsheet now.  Would rather use FM.

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                   What you describe is possible without FileMaker Server, downloading data to iOS devices and then "synching" them back to the main database is often done, but it's not something that uses built in features of FileMaker Pro or GO--you have to implement a 3rd party produced synch tool or create your own.

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                     Just wondering, for simplicity sake, why not have them do the timesheet on an excel spreadsheet, email to you, you put it in a master sheet.  Then do one import to FileMaker every 2 weeks and do your payroll.  Are they doing anything else with their iPhone/IPad that benefits from FM Go?

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                       The Filemaker Go needs a transaction table of time transaction.  I single record per shift is a good design.   Fields for employee number, job number, date time-in and date time-out.  I always include a text field to make a comment should it be needed.  The transactions can be emailed after the clock out.  Or sync'd by another method.  

                       The transactions can be aggregated on the desktop application.  The iOS aspect is the easy part.  The real work is the scripting and calculations to generate output.