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    Time Zone



      Time Zone


           Is there a "function" that will give the Time Zone / Time Now by referencing a zip code?

           Thanks in advance,


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               There's no built in function.

               I wonder if there's a web site with the necessary API (one that works like google maps) where you can use a web viewer with a URL that includes the zipcode to show a timezone in the web viewer. If so, it might be possible to "scrape" this data from the web site.

               And note that daylight savings time--which is not used uniformly in all locations, will complicate your results.

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                 Yes, I have been looking for something like google maps for the solution.  Smart phones have this function.  Should work in FileMaker.  I'll look again.


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                   Another interesting option might be to look for a site that lists zipcodes and timezones. If you can then download that data, you could import it into FileMaker to set up a look up table where you can enter a zipcode to get a timezone. Then you can use your system clock's time in a calculation to compute the time in the other zipcode. But you'd first need that data in a table in FileMaker...

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                     I found a spreadsheet that has City, State, Zip and Area Code that list the TimeZone and if Daylight Savings (Y/N).

                     I suppose I would look for zip code and post result from TimeZone column.  Just not sure how to request calculation or where to save reference data.

                     Any thoughts or suggestions?

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                       I think that you'll want a table of timezones. The timezone records can then store the time difference between either you time zone or an arbitrary time zone.

                       Then it would work like this:

                       Use zipcode to look up the time zone.

                       Use the timezone to look up the time difference (say it's plus 1 hour).

                       Then use your computer's system clock to compute the time in that time zone:

                       Get ( CurrentTime ) + TimeDifference * 3600 // 3600 seconds = 1 hour.

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