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Question asked by nolak37 on Jun 25, 2010
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I modified the timecars file to use with the employees for punching in and out of work, they punch in the morning, punch out for lunch, then back in and finally punch out at the end of the day. then a "HoursWorked" field is supposed to holt the total hours worked that day below is the calculation. Unfortunately for part time emplayees they only punch in and out at lunch time, then the calculation returns something like 18.23 hours worked.


can someone help modify this calculation so that part time employee hours get calculated correctly?

basically they punch in at "Time_In" and out at "Lunch_Start"


(Hour ( Time Cards::Lunch_Start - Time Cards::Time_In ) + Hour ( Time Cards::Time_Out - Time Cards::Lunch_End)) + (Minute ( Time Cards::Lunch_Start - Time Cards::Time_In ) + Minute ( Time Cards::Time_Out - Time Cards::Lunch_End)) / 60 + If( GetAsNumber(Time Cards::Lunch_Start) <= GetAsNumber(Time Cards::Time_In); 24; 0) + If( GetAsNumber(Time Cards::Time_Out) <= GetAsNumber(Time Cards::Lunch_End); 24; 0)