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    timeline for a lawsuit



      timeline for a lawsuit


      yipee I'm now involved in a lawsuit. Hanging with lawyers and judges does improve my vocabulary. Oh and I get to dress up in nice respectful court clothes.So I'm complaining but I'm stumped

             OK now for the request.. I need to make a timeline. I to list appox 50 people who invested $ over 4 years. Different amounts at different dates and shy of a huge green spreadsheet and a case of #2 pencils I can't seem to find a way to do this. My brother bought me this bento 2. I've spent the morning trying to learn a bit.. Am I working with the wrong software for my project??  Super thanks to anyone out there for what ever help you can send...... sunny Newport ri out 

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          I have never used Bento, and I understand it is a very capable program. But, having used Filemaker for many years, I prefer to formulate my own databases with the capabilities I specifically need.


          Your challenge of tracking 50 people with varying investments would start with two tables, one for the people and one for their investments. Showing the person's investments with the use of a portal on the person's layout would give you a look at the history of investing and then in an investment layout you would have ways to sort all the investments.


          I suspect there's more to your needs, but this simple solution should easily manage them as per your brief example.