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Timer on relogin script

Question asked by on Oct 20, 2014


Timer on relogin script



I have 3 multi-user server hosted FM13 files (generally all used in one office but with multiple staff) that refer to tables in each other. With guidance from FM 13  FTS Advanced, I have created a script which creates user accounts in all three with the same credentials. In order to ensure that a change in user account in one file will change accounts in all 3 I have created a script that re-logs into one and passes script parameters (user account and PW)  to subscripts in the other 2 files with which they re-login with the current credentials.

It occurred to me that for the sake of completeness I should ensure that a user could not start the script, assume they were logged off and walk away while the current file waited for dialogue entry on new credentials.

I thought I could set a timer such that if the re-logins did not occur within 2 minutes all three files would close.

Unfortunately, in my script the dialogue waiting for interaction seems to prevent the "Install On Timer Script" step from launching my subscript after the elapsed 120 seconds. The subscript simply closes all three files. Thanks for any guidance.