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Timer to display record

Question asked by VanceMorrison on Jun 22, 2011
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Timer to display record


Hello all:

 I'm trying to display a record for a period of time :

Example :

  ABC Business

  Store Hours 7am -5pm 

  Container with Picture ABC.jpg

   www.abcbusiness,com Displays web


This client paid to have his bussiness displayed (for end users to view) for one year. after One year is up I want to keep this record but stop letting other view until he renews his membership. How can I create a script or a timer that will count down the one year after that dont let it display until I reset the timer. I would also like it to email him to let him know that his time is up and needs to be renewed? ... Im useing FMpro 10 adv ,windows 7, ...

 I have setup radio buttons in his account  like this :

 Status: 0 Display  0 hold 

 I can't figure out how to hide this record after the one year is up either.