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    Timestamp Calculation



      Timestamp Calculation


      Good Morning!

      I want to have a field that is a timestamp (or calculation with a timestamp result) that will input the date and time that a certain item was picked from a radio button set and clear itself once another item from the set it selected.

      To elaborate further, I have a rental prep status field with "Not Prep'd", "In Process", "Completed", "Edit!", "Loaded", and "Returned." A lot of times when we're prepping rentals, there are changes made after the prep has been completed. When this happens, we select "Edit!" and this cues the technicians to look for updates on the invoice. The problem is that often they don't know where to look because they don't know when the edits were made. So, I'd like to have a field that stamps itself when "EDIT!" is selected and clears itself once it's toggled from Edit to another phase of the prep process (That was if its edited a second, third, fourth time etc, it will restamp each time.

      Any thoughts?


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          Create a timestamp field called edited and create an auto-enter calculation on it with:

          Case ( PrepStatus = "Edit!" ; Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) )

          Be  sure to uncheck 'Do not replace existing value in field if any' which  is right below the Calculated Value on the auto-enter tab.  In this way,  when User selects Edit! a new timestamp will enter the edited field but will clear itself whenever the value changes to something else.

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            RentalPrepStatus = "Edit!" ; Get ( CurrentTimeStamp )