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Timestamp display issue

Question asked by thingmaker on Jan 20, 2010
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Timestamp display issue


Hello, I am having issues with dates being displayed incorrectly. Since our company works with people in EU and the US, we decided to use the EU format for date: 21-Feb-2010. 


The problem is that the no matter what the date is, it is displayed as 01-Feb-2010 instead of 21-Feb-2010 or 13-Feb-2010. It always shows 01 instead of the correct date. If you click on it, it shows the correct date.  


- the record is of the type Timestamp (options: modification, Time and Date) 

- It displays incorrectly whether viewed online as a web published database or if opened remotely.


This happens on all of our databases. Does anyone know why this happens? Thanks. -Derryl