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    Timestamp ONLY when field value changes during import



      Timestamp ONLY when field value changes during import


           I'm trying to find a way to log a timestamp when a specific field's value actually changes during a data import. I'm currently using the following setup, which works fine for manual data entry, but always updates whenever the record it belongs to has a matching field during import.

           For example. I have a subscriber list that includes the following fields...

      •           EmailAddress
      •           StorePreference
      •           DateLastVisit

           The 'EmailAddress' field is the match field for data imports. The data imports always contain all of the existing subscribers plus a small number of new subscribers.

           I created two timestamp fields, one each for 'StorePreference' and 'DateLastVisit' with the following auto-enter calculation and "Do not replace existing value…" unchecked.

           Evaluate ( "Get ( CurrentHostTimeStamp )" ; [StorePreference] )

           As I mentioned, this works great when field data is changed manually, but when data is imported, EVERY record that has a matching 'EmailAddress' field will update the timestamp for both 'StorePreference_Update' and 'DateLastVisit_Update'.

           It seems that FileMaker considers any record with a matching field to have all of those record's fields updated, even if the values don't change?

           Is there any way around this to get a timestamp to update during data import ONLY when the field's value actually changed?

           Thanks for any insight.